Be careful when you quit Google Play Music, children under 13 cannot use YouTube Music if you have a family subscription

For parents trying to do the right thing and monitor their kids’ Google Accounts by the rules, this can often be a frustrating experience. Google sets arbitrary rules on which apps you are allowed to allow as a parent, regardless of your own decision making.

One of those restrictions is that users under the age of 13 cannot access any YouTube apps or services except YouTube Kids. This means that if you have a family subscription to Google Play Music when you are forced to migrate to YouTube Music in a few months, your children will no longer have access to music until their 13th birthday.

Can users have expressed frustration with the situation in a Google Support Feed with apparently no plan response for Google. With Google killing Google Play Music by December, that doesn’t give Google much time to fix the problem.

If you have a family subscription to Google Play Music and want to maintain access for your children, your choices are limited, either lying about their age to Google, which is a violation of the terms of service, or switching to a other service. This is just another example of how Google’s plan to migrate its music offering to a single platform seems deaf to those who have used their service the longest.

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Victor L. Jones