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About the Best Spotify Alternatives

If you love streaming music, chances are you’ve heard of Spotify. Although it is currently the largest music streaming service available, it has not yet rolled out to many countries. For example, you recently obtained the service after having been without it for several years. There is no doubt that Spotify is one of the most popular services among music streaming platforms. It has earned its position over the years due to the ease of use of its apps and availability on almost all modern devices, from Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile apps (even on discontinued operating systems such as Windows Phone or Blackberry), Smart TV, even video game consoles.

Its current library of over 40 million songs keeps growing and a wide range of cool features like custom playlists based on user tastes, artist-based radios, podcasts, media integration social media, collaborative playlists and much more make the platform a very attractive option. . for the user who wants to have almost everything without too much effort. While Spotify has successfully launched its brand to become the leader in music streaming, there are other services, some with equally extensive libraries, others with exceptional features. And now might be a good time to explore the options.

List of Best Spotify Alternatives for Music Streaming


Like Tidal, Deezer also offers CD-quality sound. What sets the French music streaming company apart from the competition is that it offers a good set of original content, live radio and videos. Another cool feature is that you can transfer your entire music library from a music streaming service to Deezer, so you don’t have to create new playlists.

It also has a Shazam-like feature called Song Catcher, which you can use to identify the name of songs that are playing. Flow is another great feature that Spotify lacks, with recommendations created just for you and songs you can’t remember so you can enjoy long hours of music.

sound cloud

Soundcloud also has a huge library of songs to listen to. It relies heavily on its community, so the homepage will constantly bring you new music that the community is feeling right now. This is definitely a useful feature if you host a lot of house parties. A regular SoundCloud Go subscription, priced slightly lower than the Go+ tier, offers unlimited downloads with partial access to the app’s extensive audio library.

It also functions as a sort of musical social network where you can share, like and comment on entries; highlight parts of songs; create your own playlists and podcasts; and follow your favorite artists. All this means that you can find an impressive variety of content compared to Spotify. It allows you to share your music with other users. Share your music, listen to new artists before they become popular, give them feedback and join a huge community of music lovers.

youtube music

Launched in November 2015, YouTube Music is the big hope of Google’s assault on music streaming. Google has announced the permanent closure of Play Music, with the aim of switching customers to the famous video platform. The YouTube Music app (it doesn’t have a desktop equivalent, just a web player) looks fancy or bland, depending on your perspective, and it’s consistent across devices, whether be it iOS, Android or a browser.

The user interface is certainly dark, but it also has a clean design, with nice and readable fonts and three main tabs “Home”, “Active list” and “Library”. But despite spending a lot of time picking our favorite bands, plus a solid week of searching for music, listening to music, and hitting the “Like” button, our selection of “Your Mixtape “remains predictable and uninspired. It’s more of a collection of tracks you already know and love, rather than something new and exciting.

amazon music

From selling digital music to streaming music, Amazon has also immersed itself in this nascent segment. Amazon Music lets you listen to a massive catalog of songs through your Prime membership, but Amazon Music Unlimited opens up the entire library of over 60 million songs to you. It gives you an ad-free experience, unlimited skips, the ability to download tracks, and control playback with Alexa.

There are also millions of podcast episodes, so the options are endless. Searching is easy with ultra HD quality tracks also available in the results. Amazon Prime members get a discounted subscription, so it’s tempting if you’re already tied into the ecosystem, especially with great integration with Echo devices.


Pandora is not only one of the oldest streaming services, but also one of the most popular. It has been around since 2002 and currently has around 80 million active users, although it is a pioneer in the streaming industry.

Pandora was one of the first streaming services to hit the market in the early 2000s, and the app has certainly changed over the years. Like Spotify, Pandora uses an Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) file format. However, some users have reported that Pandora streams store a bit more than Spotify streams.


The service prides itself on providing users with the highest quality music possible and distributing the highest percentage of royalties to musical artists and songwriters, unlike its competitors. Then there’s the Tidal X experience that brings listeners closer to their favorite artists.

Tidal offers dozens of themed playlists categorized by mood, time of day, and events like holidays. It’s reminiscent of Songza, an old playlist-based music service that inspired many imitators, which isn’t a bad thing. Tidal’s playlists may not be as wacky as “Yacht Rock” or LiveXLive’s “55 Songs You Think Suck,” but “Denim & Leather” will take metalheads back to the heavy metal mania of the 70s and 80s. .

gang camp

Bandcamp has made a name for itself as “the anti-Spotify” by taking an artist-centric approach. Its co-founder, Ethan Diamond, says the company was founded on the principle of getting the public as close as possible to giving artists money if they like a piece of music.

If you’re passionate about supporting independent artists making great music, you’ll love using Bandcamp. For an app that doesn’t use paid advertising, it certainly has an extensive list of features and a great user experience. You can pre-order new albums ahead of their release, download files for offline listening, and watch new live concert streams every day.


JioSaavn is relatively easy to use and has an attractive user interface. It supports around 320 kbps audio quality when you subscribe and 64 kbps for free streaming. You can also get music offline when you are a Pro user. Regarding how you can use it as an artist, the JioSaavn website offers information about the artist

While Gaana once claimed to be India’s number one music streaming service, there’s a new winner in town and it’s all thanks to Reliance Jio. Saavn and Jio Music recently merged to create India’s largest streaming service called JioSaavn.


However, iTunes still uses a left navigation bar for some things. Switch to Artists from the buttons at the top and you’ll get album art with song lists on the right, with artist names in a drop-down window for quick navigation on the left. It’s the same when you switch to genres, with albums and playlists on the right and with genres you can choose from in a drop-down window on the left. The most impressive new features are when viewing your music in Album view.

When you click on an album, it expands to show the track list on a background with the same theme as the album cover. From there, you can click to play songs, add a track to “Up Next” in the mini-player (more on that below), or get more from the iTunes Store. When you click “In Store”, the currently selected album matches the same content in the iTunes Store to show you the artist’s top songs and albums, as well as recommended songs and artists that have a similar style.


Qobuz is a French streaming service specializing in lossless high-resolution audio. It is the only streaming service that offers hi-res streaming and the ability to purchase hi-res music downloads from its online store.

Qobuz supports a variety of audio quality options that you can select at any time, with the best quality being 24-bit/192 kHz lossless files. Although these are very high quality audio files, there are some things you should know before diving into Qobuz or a similar service. Lossless audio files take up much more space on your device than the standard downloaded MP3 file, and streaming them over your cellular network can be expensive.

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