Best Websites to Buy Real Spotify Games, Streams, and Subscribers in 2021

If we go out to ask any youngster walking down the street listening to music in headphones, what the streaming service is, we will most likely hear “Spotify”. Spotify is truly a world famous leader in the list of the biggest streaming platforms.

Today, you can find their green and black logo on smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs, even in the most remote corners of the world. The app has registered huge millions of downloads so far and the number of users is only growing day by day.

Since its launch, the platform has become the second home of various independent artists as well as big names and labels. While independent artists and young music producers love Spotify for their monetization system (even if they earn little), labels and major artists are emphasizing the opportunities for promoting and distributing music that the music offers. platform.

Right after the basics of being on Spotify became clear to many, another contest began. Previously a small-scale ambition to have a few thousand followers and ditto for playing songs has now become an essential need of any streaming artist.

The ranking system along with the linked smart proposals feature has made Spotify another very competitive social media like Instagram for example. The difference between these two platforms is how they rank media and distinguish one post or account from another. The concept of Spotify is based on the number of plays or streams of songs, as well as the number of listeners and followers of the artist.

Choose the best providers

Once the need to develop games and fans arose, a new market developed, creating different services and sites. Today you can easily buy Spotify coins for your songs, playlists and albums, as well as listeners and subscribers to hundreds of websites. It’s no secret that not all of these sites, services, and apps are so safe, efficient, and worth your money.

If you go to Google to find a place to buy Spotify songs for your song or playlist, it will give you a long list of suppliers, good and bad all mixed together. Today, no one would say that google rankings often don’t tell the real story in this niche often, so it’s more about trying before you put up a big deal. Today we are talking about the 6 best sites to buy Spotify Coins, Streams, Subscribers & Listeners.

  1. StreamDigic

    StreamDigic is our # 1 as a well-known industry pioneer. Their website has been around for a few years and offers full services for the top 3 streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, as well as Instagram. Unlike many sellers with a long list of supported platforms, they are always very focused on their own area by choosing only the social networks that are in high demand in the industry.

    StreamDigic is best known for its music promotion opportunities in the shape of a Swiss Army Knife. They access all possible variations of the world’s listeners so you can buy Spotify coins of any type you desire from them. At the same time, they can easily help you improve the number of your followers and listeners. In case you need to step up your marketing campaign, they are also open to bringing views and likes to your videos and photos.

    Considering their approach to service delivery, StreamDigic’s prices are rather low. Their hotline promises to help you 24/7. But in fact, the average response time turned out to be around 2 hours which isn’t too big to be a tangible downside that strikes out all the benefits of this service.

spotify play on playwizPlayswiz is another trusted website where you can buy Spotify coins and all the rest to improve your presence and image on the platform. Their movement is to bring real audience streams of different genres. Best known for high quality Spotify growth services, they also offer boosts for your songs on SoundCloud.

Despite the dark color scheme, their website is well designed and it was a pleasure for our eyes to navigate through it. Since 2014, they’ve done 3 or 4 redesigns to get to the point where a user-friendly interface finally meets a perfect image. Merging all of this with the tried and tested marketing methods they practice gives us a reliable business that you can increase your organic games without headache. Their privacy policy states that they do not use cookies to store customer data and that the website is secured by https. It all says clearly about 100% security of all transactions out there.

It’s common for providers like Playswiz to have other enhancements for Followers, Listeners, Likes, Views, and the like as well. You will find everything you need to market your music on their list. If you want personalized service, do not hesitate to contact their team using the form at the bottom of the page. It took us about 15 minutes to hear from them.

Songlifty’s website is mentioned on many review portals as a great selection of newcomers. The feature with which you can get the most out of them is to lengthen the delivery time of the purchased feeds. Indeed, when you take your first steps in the world of music, it would seem very suspicious that your number of pieces is increasing with rapid bursts. This team will let you pass this problem.

We can’t say anything special about their website except that it runs fast and smoothly, and it’s great. Their colors and design make us feel like it’s something we’ve seen before and that feeling suits them perfectly. Songlifty is like you’ve been here before and recently used their services.

They promise to bring only high quality streams to your music hosted on Spotify. What is behind this description is a mixture of adding organic games for 72 hours. Their reviews speak for themselves – we found a lot of positive feedback and only a few negative comments and it’s better than average for this industry.

Famups is an established company that provides effective impulses for marketing on most of the biggest platforms. Unlike the leader in the list, they have plenty of offers to create a picture-perfect image across all major platforms from Instagram to Twitter and they also have everything to grow your Spotify music for sure. Whether this approach is good or bad, they promise 100% customer satisfaction for all of their products, regardless of which metric you want to improve.

As for the section related to Spotify, it doesn’t offer too many options but rather focuses on the essentials. You can buy mixed Spotify coins, same for subscribed plans. Their prices are rather average and the delivery time depends on the package you need.

We can’t say that their website is too informative, but if you need more information about their services or anything about the social media they are focusing on, you can always contact the helpline by using the online chat at the bottom right.

Therefore, if you want to build a strong marketing campaign for multiple platforms, you will like Famups and its website.

If you feel like you’re hitting a wall promoting your music and your numbers aren’t increasing any more, Getviral can be a big help in your run. Their website has a long list of services for all the major social media platforms that marketers generally prefer to promote businesses on. You can easily increase the number of Spotify streams on your songs and create a large stream of organic listeners from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other channels at the same time.

Their website is clean and easy to navigate, so any user would find their interface user-friendly regardless of the experience.

The list of packages on starts from 1000 feeds and ends at 500,000, plus they are ready to serve custom packages on demand. Unlike many other providers, they are able to bring streams to your Spotify podcast and that is their strong point. The hotline is there 24/7 to help you with any questions regarding your orders. The conditions of use promise to recharge any possible fall depending on the condition concerned.

All of these benefits put Getviral in the list of the top 6 places to buy Spotify coins.

This website provides expert services to boost your presence on Spotify as well as related platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud and also (surprise!) TikTok. Since we’re here to review the services for Spotify, we won’t touch on other options but instead focus on the essentials.

The first thing about them and the most important point is that all the services they provide are backed by a money back guarantee. In other words, if the time slot reserved for the work is over and the improvement has not been manifested, they will refund the full amount to you. Considering the overwhelming level of fraud in the social media niche, this feature puts them in a trusted circle.

The website states that you can contact their agents on the helpline at any time. In practice, the best response time we got was around 40 minutes, which isn’t too much.

We cannot say that their prices are too high or too low, but rather as a happy medium. The listing starts from $ 4.59 for 1,000 feeds and leads to the largest available package of 500,000 reads for $ 689.99 USD. The description says that you can split most of the packs into multiple songs – this is a feature that adapts perfectly to a customer’s satisfaction.


These days, no one would dispute the importance of social media networks and the role that platforms play in our lives. The ability to easily share any type of information with millions of users around the world is now more of a common daily request than a special channel as was previously the case.

It changed the essence of digital marketing and distribution and formed a new world where likes, followers, plays, subscribers, streams and views are new blood and energy.

The competition on Spotify is the same as on any other platform. Every artist wants to be heard and therefore producers and performers spend a lot of time promoting their music, rhythms and voices. In a world where numbers mean everything, their goal is to make everything related to their names sound on as many headphones and speakers as possible across the world.

If you are looking for fame and popularity, you need to make the most of the plays and streams for your music and this is where the above websites can help you a lot.

Good luck on your way!

Posted on May 14, 2021

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Victor L. Jones