Billie Eilish credits SoundCloud for her first hit

Billie Eilish and her manager credit SoundCloud for helping launch her meteoric career. Eilish released “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud when she was just 13, almost a year before it became a hit on YouTube.

During an interview with Billboardmanager Danny Rukasin and Eilish spoke about the impact of SoundCloud on his career:

Roukasin: Part of that was your understanding of music was the SoundCloud era – put something on and you’re good. And then also, you were – and still are – so genuinely young, and you feel something and you want to turn it off. There’s a certain amount of, “I want to express this right now,” and then us being the guys, the old guys, being like, “No, no, no, wait; let’s do it the right way.

Eilish: The mix of me being a SoundCloud fan and teaching them what my experience was like while they taught me what my career was beneficial [all of us].

Eilish released “Ocean Eyes” on SoundCloud in late 2015. It was streamed 54.6 million times there. The YouTube video was released in March 2016 and now has nearly 400 million views.

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