BREAKDOWN! Frats announced a new Spotify playlist that only plays Diplos ‘On My Mind’ once

Photo by Margarita Matta / The Daily Pennsylvanian

Thursday was monumental for Penn Panhellenic as the fraternities unveiled a groundbreaking announcement. Brothers from every fraternity on campus voted unanimously to create a revolutionary new playlist on Spotify.

The announcement was particularly intuitive in the months following the infamous vote of disagreement with Soundcloud, aptly dubbed the “Big Bootie Remix Rebellion of 2021”. This rebellion was a long effort initiated by Pan-Hellenic and university students to end these horrific monstrosities of the White Girls’ Anthem. Fortunately, the rebellion led to a change in legislation and a more diverse musical taste.

However, this small step in the music of Greek life was far from sufficient. Following Soundcloud’s divergence, many fraternities turned to Apple music, beginning what was known as the Dark Era of Penn Panhellenic. That era was filled with commercials between songs for some kind of foot cream your mom uses and awkward silences waiting for things to load because whatever idiot that was on aux doesn’t have any saved songs – a real tragedy for any student to endure.

So, it’s no surprise that amid a mess of legislation, the fraternities also voted unanimously for Apple Music to join Soundcloud on the banned apps list. Another famous contender on this list was TikTok, a recently banned fraternity app on the grounds that their brethren could say “oh, are you on TikTok?” Yeah it’s just too girly for me it’s kinda silly. Guess I’m just not addicted to my phone like that, ”after responding to their 200-day footage on Snapchat.

It’s no surprise that the fraternities have finally turned to Spotify’s top music app after a seemingly endless debate over music apps legislation. However, the problems did not end with the application, which is why this new law was created. Once in the realm of Spotify, fraternities had a monopoly on songs that weren’t allowed to be played more than once at a party. These were not isolated incidents, as “Mr. Brightside,” “Pursuit of Happiness” and various other white girl hymns were close contenders. However, Diplo’s “On My Mind” was crowned triumphant at the amid these allegations. Due to this incident, the unanimous vote to create a playlist containing the song only once did not come as a surprise, and we hope that many songs will follow. Thank you, Penn Panhellenic, d ‘have finally taken a stand for what is right.

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Victor L. Jones