Does it really have to be one or the other?

We are caught in a little conflict. Soundcloud vs. Spotify. “Which one do you use? Which do you think is the best? “are common questions among electronic music fans. Both music platforms have their drawbacks and advantages, the key is to use Soundcloud and Spotify simultaneously.

Consumers have access to almost all albums on Spotify and can listen to thousands of hours of mixing on Soundcloud. Spotify’s system for distributing wealth to musicians has created a lasting impact on the music industry.

How does an artist get an audience to receive a substantial sum from Spotify? Their rival Soundcloud is the best service for new artists because the creators are in control, not the labels. If a track receives enough attention, an artist without a label could have millions of people listening to their music.

Selective use of a music service is a bad decision. If you only listened to Spotify, you’d be missing out unofficial remix of Rezz, Kaskade Mashups, and live concerts. If you only love Soundcloud, you lose millions of albums and singles exclusively on Spotify. The monetization of Soundcloud for artists is not as good as that of Spotify. Often on Soundcloud, an output is delayed or is a shorter edit of the original track.

The friendly competition between Soundcloud and Spotify pushes both platforms to be better and consumers are getting a good deal. The opposing sides function as a relationship between Professor Xavier and Magneto. They have opposing views on how to distribute music, but collectively they are making the electronic music scene better.

What’s your favorite thing about Soundcloud and Spotify? What improvements do they still need to implement? Let us know about Facebook or Twitter?

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Victor L. Jones