from SoundCloud rapper to OnlyFans manager

Lil Pump can’t earn as much as he wants from “Gucci Gang” royalties, as it seems he’s set his sights on a career as an OnlyFans manager.

The SoundCloud rapper had teased the sensational change on Instagram, posting a photo of him holding a beautiful woman and one of him claiming to be enjoying breakfast on another’s behind (exactly responsible manager behavior ).

Now, that has apparently been made official. According to reps for Lil Pump, he just signed with Unruly Agency, an influencer marketing and social media group, and is also joining OnlyFans (according to the explosion).

“His loyal fanbase will now have exclusive access to never-before-seen content, unreleased music, and Lil Pump’s wildlife and behind-the-scenes experience,” the company said.

“Nothing is off limits as the Miami native embarks on this new adventure and lets loose like he’s never done before, so fans can prepare for some jaw-dropping photos and video.”

They add, “Although the musician showed glimpses of his personal life on Instagram, Only Fans will become the best place to follow his wild antics and live vicariously through his adventurous and fun-loving lifestyle.”

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On Lil Pump’s official Instagram, a link takes you to Pumps Playhouse, his OnlyFans page. “Welcome to Pumps Playhouse. I post anything I want here,” reads the page description.

As of this writing, the rapper has 6.1 likes and 105 posts. It’s also giving fans a nifty little limited-time offer of 65% off for 31 days.

However, not everyone is happy with Lil Pump’s attempts to become a manager. Popular OnlyFans star Jada Kai (71.5k likes) tweeted her disdain (see below): “No Lil Pump, we don’t want you running our only fans. Stop trying to make money from us lol.

Her tweet quickly sparked comments from other OnlyFans models realizing that Lil Pump had snuck into all of their DMs asking to work with them.

If you’re up to it, you can check out Lil Pump’s OnlyFans here.

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