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This is an explanation for anyone who missed all the warning notifications and woke up this morning to find that all of their data in Google Play Music was gone. Google deleted all user data from Play Music yesterday, marking the real end of the platform.

Google Play Music is over for good

Google Play Music, originally released in 2011 as Google Music, and launched in South Africa in 2015. Ten years is a decent lifespan for a digital service, and is significantly longer than that of Google’s game studio . One of the great attractions of the platform, which made it unique compared to its competitors, was that it gave users the ability to upload their own music. Besides the standard music and podcast streaming offered by most music platforms these days, Google Play Music also offered a kind of online music locker.

Subscribers with a standard account could download and store up to 50,000 songs on Google Play Music. Which was great if you had files or physical copies of songs and albums that you couldn’t find online but wanted to listen to via the cloud. That obscure B-side CD of The Stones that you bought at a festival years ago? Put it up there. Your cousin’s demo for his alt-punk-pop-core flute band? Go ahead. It was a cool feature that set Google Play Music apart.

However, the service was announced to be axed in August 2020. Google Play Music was shut down as a service in September, to make way for Google’s new music service, YouTube Music. To direct users to the alternative service, Google allows them to transfer their data (playlists, downloaded and purchased music, etc.) from Play Music to YouTube Music.

Unfortunately, the last nail is in the coffin, and since yesterday you can no longer transfer your data because it is gone. Pouf. If you haven’t uploaded everything to YouTube Music by the deadline, or if you just don’t want to use YouTube Music, no luck, buddy. It’s time to start over somewhere else.

So that’s all she wrote. Rest in song, Google Play Music. You will remember.

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