Google’s latest YouTube Music enhancements help it compete with Spotify and Apple Music

The company is working hard to upgrade its music streaming service


You might not think so after Play Music’s botched transition to YouTube Music, but Google is working hard to update its new music streaming service with features and improvements. The company says it’s rolled out a lot of changes over the past few months, many of which are already covered by us, but with some more pleasant surprises.

The headliner upgrade is probably one you can’t quite put your finger on, but you still might have noticed it while listening to the radios. Google reports that it has improved artist diversity in Song and Playlist radios, giving you a wider selection of songs from different artists each time you hit that radio button. People seem to like this change, as the team noticed an increase in likes and newly discovered songs.


Another new option you may have already noticed is the ability to save a queue as a playlist. This is already widely available on iOS, but is only now rolling out to the Android version of the app.

YouTube Music saves queue to playlist

There are also some changes specifically aimed at smart TV and smart watch users. On TVs, you may have noticed that you no longer see duplicates in the Listen Again section, where YouTube used to put the same songs with slightly different interfaces. On smartwatches, you can finally randomly play all the music you’ve downloaded. Previously, you could only shuffle playlists, while albums were always played in order.

Then there’s a quality of life feature that has made its way from mobile apps to the web app. For Premium subscribers, it is now possible to seamlessly switch between video and audio versions of songs.

Google also shared other updates, some of which we’ve already found. For one, it’s possible to share what you’re listening to and even full artist pages on Snapchat. On the other hand, serious improvements have been made to the add to playlist workflow, which is now simply more beautiful and useful. Google also reiterated that it is experimenting with placing the Explore section directly on the home screen, making the current individual bottom tab unnecessary.

YouTube Music only one song in queue

There are also small improvements, like the addition of a Family mix to the Family shelf for those who share their subscription with others, and unique song queues for those who prefer not to auto-launch. a song radio when they just want to listen to a single song. sound clip.

If you haven’t used YouTube Music for a while after Google turned off Play Music, it might be time to try the service again. There are still things I miss about the good old Play Music app, but the service has improved dramatically over the years. Personally, I am happy to report that Rammstein is finally available on YouTube Musicso if you were missing specific artists or songs, maybe the company has finally offered them for you too.

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