Heardle, popular audio version of Wordle, acquired by Spotify

Next word guessing game wordlefrom the resounding success of earlier this year and its subsequent acquisition by The New York Times, a rush of sequels, copies and alternate versions have sprung up all over the internet, including Quordle (wordlebut four at a time) and Absurd (wordle, but for masochists). Now, some of these variants have become popular enough to attract their own acquisitions. This morning, audio version Heardlewhich was previously hosted via Soundcloud, was purchased by Spotify, which verified that the game will remain free and users will be able to transfer their old data from the previous version of the game.

Heardle takes the basic principle of wordle—- guess an item in a category from a limited list of possibilities, with a set number of guesses —- and apply it to popular music. You have six chances to guess the song, with each chance accompanied by a “hint”, a snippet of the first few seconds of the song that increases in length. Contrary to wordlewhich reveals the letters you got at each successive guess, Heardle is all or nothing – you search for the song name or artist in the box provided and you have to guess correctly to win.

Heardle is Spotify‘s first games acquisition, potentially opening the door to a new market for the streaming service. It’s unclear at this time how the game will be integrated with Spotify as it currently exists, but the company plans to use the game as a “music discovery tool” to direct users to new music (presumably, limited to what’s available to stream on Spotify). Currently, the game remains a standalone website, but Spotify’s branding and URL are already associated.

Victor L. Jones