Here’s how to see your “Spotify Pie Chart”

Much like Spotify’s year-end “Wrapped” feature, which gives users a detailed look at the artists and music they’ve listened to the most in a given year, there’s a new a third-party company called “Spotify Pie Chart” – and we’ll walk you through how you can display yours.

The new tool, created by Darren Huang, a student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), gathers data from your music consumption on Spotify and creates a pie chart based on it. All of the different colors in the chart represent different genders, and there’s a legend below the chart so you can see which color corresponds to each gender. It’s not just put in terms of rock and metal either – Huang really included a ton of different categories for feature, from nu-metal to post-grunge, album-rock, Canadian metalcore and more.

Yes, Canadian metalcore refers to Spiritbox.

Below the chart legend, the artists you listen to most frequently will be listed in order from top to bottom, and the name font gets smaller as it goes down.

The unique aspect of Spotify Pie Chart, as opposed to Spotify’s official “Wrapped” feature, is that it can be updated on a monthly basis. The website humorously says “Make your monthly genre pie” under the headline “Spotify Pie”. Users are then prompted to enter their Spotify login details, which will take you to an agreement page that requests access to analyze your data. Once you agree, your pie chart will be generated.

View your Spotify pie chart via Huang’s website – it works on both desktop and mobile, but you need a Spotify account to access it. Sorry, Apple Music users. Enjoy!

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