Jihadist songs, kidnapped sermons SoundCloud: Europol – Expat Guide to the Netherlands

Chants, sermons and jihadist propaganda aimed at luring young recruits have been removed from SoundCloud, one of the world’s largest music streaming services, Europol announced on Friday.

The Berlin-based SoundCloud, known as “YouTube Audio” and boasting millions of listeners, had been increasingly tapped by the jihadists to spread their message, sparking concern.

“Some 1,100 profiles and audio files found to be illegal have been reported to SoundCloud. Upon review, SoundCloud has removed the reported files which were deemed to violate its terms and conditions,” Europol said in a statement.

These included “jihadi chants in multiple languages ​​as well as audio fragments promoting violent extremist and far-right groups”, he said.

The European police agency said some of the content “has already accumulated several thousand visits and audio streams”.

The crackdown was launched by German police and coordinated by Europol with the participation of law enforcement agencies from Britain, Denmark, Hungary, Portugal and Spain.

This landmark day of action is part of an ongoing public-private partnership between SoundCloud, law enforcement and Europol to combat terrorist abuse of the internet, prevent online radicalization and protect fundamental rights. .


Victor L. Jones