Make YouTube Music Stop Playing Music Video Version of “Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks” songs

YouTube Music has been around since late 2015, but it didn’t start to become a viable music service until 2019. It makes sense that Google would use the existing YouTube library of music videos, remixes, and covers to create a music platform. massive. But one downside is that you get a lot of video clip versions of songs instead of album versions. Fortunately, you can change that.

Yes, Google finally lets you stream your favorite songs with an audio-only option. The way Music used to work, you had to watch the video itself to hear the song, even though it only had a picture of the album cover art and nothing else. Now you can directly extract the audio stream itself with the push of a button. Follow this quick guide to get started.

Disable video clips

Open the YouTube Music app (Android | iOS), tap your profile icon at the top right, then go to “Settings”. If you are on Android, have a nice seat. If you are using iOS, tap “Reading & Restrictions”.

Now, regardless of your device, you’ll find a setting called “Don’t play music clips” at the top of the list. Enabling this option will force all of your music to an audio-only version or an official album of each song. Press the switch to the on position to activate this setting for instant access. Ended!

Final remark

When you switch from the music video to the album’s official audio stream, you’ll almost always notice a much higher level of audio fidelity. Depending on the age of the music video and the quality of the bit rate they have chosen to use, this could be a huge difference in some cases. Switching to the official album version of your favorite music video will increase the bit rate to a much more respectable quality.

Another thing to keep in mind, you also have the option to switch between audio and video versions of each song seamlessly. While the song is playing, tap anywhere on the screen to display the “Song” and “Video” buttons at the top that you can select. So at any time you can switch between them on the fly if you want.

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