New YouTube Music Playlist UI moves to albums on tablets

Music streaming app cleans up, bit by bit

One of Google’s big I/O 2022 promises in its campaign to make Android tablets relevant to begin with was that it would update more than 20 of its own apps with friendlier user interfaces for large screens. . We’ve seen a steady pace of these updates since then. Another seems to be heading to YouTube Music users right now, but don’t call it an original.

We originally covered a big change to the Playlists UI for Android last month, which moved a series of controls into a single row of five buttons – download, add to playlist, play, share and others in a three-dot menu.

9to5Google reports a Reddit user who got this same UI change, but for albums now on their Android tablet. The old design, which appears on the left, remains for imported albums, however.


We were able to get a capture in landscape mode, where the track listing is placed to the right of the playlist and cue group information.

We’re guessing it’ll all wrap up once albums of all kinds get the UI on phones as well.

If you happen to browse YouTube Music with an Android tablet, you’ll spend a bit more time doing so, especially when it comes to “Mixed for You” playlists which have recently been cleaned up and put in one place. .

Victor L. Jones