Oakland Artist Tommy Wayne Plays New YouTube Music Release “Wall” on Political Neglect

Everyone thinks that the young artist, Tommy wayne fights for people of his race after the Minneapolis tragedy. It attracts all the attention of the youtube community for its new official youtube audio ‘Wall’ it sounds more like an energetic protest song. He launches a revolution in society and calls on his people and all like-minded beings on this planet to come together and listen intently to every word he spews out in the latest music release. He sings about police brutality in America and how it has hampered many lives for centuries. It directly underlines the supremacy entrenched in the majority of the population of the country which encourages racial factions. He wants to omit the lines drawn by the color of someone’s skin. It’s an empathetic, ethical and powerful pop song that will freeze your blood.

Tommy wayne was born January 3, 2002 in Oakland and raised by a single mother, saw life’s hardships from a young age and prepared to be tough to endure any situation. Since his childhood he was drawn to instruments and words that sounded melodious. His talent for music was visible to all and from the age of 15 he began to write songs that carried the heaviness of his heart. He is 18 now and has already recorded his first track ‘Wall’ in the studio he describes as the anthem manifests what democracy should be in the country and characterizes what it is not. He explicitly talks about social division based on skin color and his unpleasant personal experiences while surviving every day with fear. The lyric stream contains plenty of detail about daily struggles and references to recent violence. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and SoundCloud for more tracks and upcoming events.

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Victor L. Jones