Six years after its launch, Youtube Music for the web finally obtains native distribution support

Launched to the public in November 2015, Youtube Music lived alongside Google Play Music for five years before it took center stage and Google’s original music efforts came to a halt. Last year, Youtube Music became the default experience for users, and visiting Play Music on the web would redirect you to the brilliant new destination.

Initially encountered a lot of friction, the new music service lacked many of the features of its predecessor since its inception and, as always, the company has been very, very (very) slow to implement them. The worst offender has always been the lack of a native Cast button on the web, and Robby insisted on pointing this out time and time again. In fact, the fact that he’s written no less than six times in the past year or a year and a half makes me laugh, but I fully share his feelings. There is absolutely no excuse for excluding such a basic and essential feature.


Now that the PWA is officially installed in the Google Play Store instead of the Android app on Chromebooks, it looks like the company has finally gone through the feature list and found some free time to code the plug there. native load of the broadcast. Discovered by a user on Reddit named meatwaddancin, a distribution icon can be seen in the upper right corner of the window.

Source: Reddit

Casting to a device in your home using this button will change it to display the name of that device next to it, which is better than just turning the button blue like with other casting instances. While it may appear to some, other commenters on the user’s original post indicated that they did not see it, so it is likely that it was an A / B test or at at the very least, a phased deployment.


There are still a handful of issues with Google Cast that I hope will be resolved before too long. For example, if you stream from a secondary device and go past your active streaming session, you will often go back to the previous video or song before you have to manually search for the content you want on the new device. It is extremely frustrating.

Another problem is that often the casting will fail completely in the middle of a session, and a song or video will resume on your phone instead. You also can’t control your music queue in real time from multiple devices – each has its own queue. That’s not a problem with other services like Spotify, and it’s strange that Youtube Music – a service owned by a multi-billion dollar company – doesn’t have it yet. Let’s talk! Are you going to stream music from your Chromebook natively, use the OS-level streaming feature built into your Quick Settings, or just stream from your phone every time?

Victor L. Jones