SoundCloud buys AI music company to help uncover hidden gems

SoundCloud wants to make it easier to find must-have tracks buried deep within its catalog. Tech Crunch Remarks the company bought Musiio, an AI-based music curation company. The company’s technology uses AI to “listen” to songs, tag them and insert them into playlists. Ideally, this improves the chances of discovering tracks you like, whether they’re from an established artist or a new bedroom DJ.

The companies did not disclose terms of the deal, but said Musiio would “become the heart” of SoundCloud‘s discovery system. Musiio will always offer its technology to other companies.

The two did not reveal their exact plans or an integration schedule. However, it’s easy to see the benefits for SoundCloud and listeners. The company could use Musiio’s AI to spot a breakthrough artist before a rival label or service hires them away. It could also increase play counts for many songs and convince indie artists to stick around. During this time, you could listen to more varied playlists and discover a breakthrough song before it hits the charts.

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Victor L. Jones