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Some of today’s most influential artists have risen to fame through their remarkable SoundCloud careers. SoundCloud gives creative minds the ability to publish and produce music that would not otherwise be released in today’s highly competitive industry. Being a free streaming service, SoundCloud allows popular opinion to dictate popular sound. Popular streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music charge artists at least $ 10 per song, while SoundCloud allows users to post 180 minutes (3 hours) of music for free. Financial worries are only one of the many growing worries of artists; with an increasingly competitive music industry, public approval is the only chance many artists have for a successful music career. Without the many freedoms that SoundCloud offers, we wouldn’t have many of today’s music moguls, such as Travis Scott, Migos, Doja Cat, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Uzi Vert. This week’s roster is a mix of singles from smaller SoundCloud artists as well as a few songs from bigger artists who all debuted on the streaming service.

1. “Splur Gang Ft. UNOTHEACTIVIST” By Playboi Carti

Two of SoundClouds’ biggest hits collaborated in 2015 to create the trap hit “Splur Gang”. Both artists became mainstream in 2017. “Splur Gang Ft. UNOTHEACTIVIST” remains a SoundCloud exclusive.

2. “Don’t tell anyone [Prod. Da Internz] (feat. Jeremih) ”by Tink and Jeremih

Chicago natives Tink and Jeremih produced this SoundCloud exclusive in 2014. The first time “Don’t Tell Nobody” was recognized by the masses was around 2016 on the app. Although “Don’t Tell Nobody” has become mainstream on and is currently all the rage on TikTok, the Jeremih and Tink collaboration has been a Chicago staple since its debut in May 2014.

3. “Pink Shirt” by Chase Alex

Little information has been released to the public about Chase Alex. The Chicago native produced and released “Pink Shirt” in 2017.


Houston rapper Tay-K exploded in 2017 with the release of his song “The Race”. Tay-K’s hit mixtape #SantanaWorld (+) was written, recorded and produced while on the run to avoid arrest, hence the title of his most popular song, “The Race”. Now 21, Tay-K is serving a life sentence. From his birthday in 2021, the rapper says he may be able to appeal his sentence in the years to come.

5. “RaRa” by Travis Scott ft. Lil uzi vert

Extract from Scott’s first mixtape Pharaoh owl, “RaRa” was the first of many collaborations between Lil Uzi Vert and Travis Scott. Coincidentally, the rappers both rose to prominence in mainstream media when they released successful collaborations with iconic SoundCloud-based rap trio Migos.

6. “Last day of summer camp” by IZZIHOT!

IZZIHOT! is a small rapper based in Chicago. He started releasing music on SoundCloud in 2014. Not much else is known about IZZIHOT!

7. “Trust Issues Remix (Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd)” By Michael-Gray, Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd

“Trust Issues Remix (Justin Bieber, Drake and The Weeknd)” began as Drake’s “Trust Issues”, released in 2011. Soon after, The Weeknd released their version of “Trust Issues Remix” as the ‘one of his first singles. Bieber remixed The Weeknd remix in 2012. The twice remixed remix can still only be found on YouTube and SoundCloud.

8. “Origin” by Slump6s

Slump6s started his SoundCloud career in 2018. Although rapper SoundCloud is rapidly gaining in popularity, he remains fairly anonymous with little information about his personal life released in the media or on his social media pages.

9. “Bow Down Feat. Deniro Farrar (chopped not sloping) »By Denzel Curry

Denzel Curry releases his first mixtape King Remembered Underground Tape 1991-1995 and soon after, he joined the rap group Raider Clan in 2012. After the band disbanded in 2013, Curry rekindled his solo career on SoundCloud with his mixtape Mischievous king of the south. One of Curry’s most well-known collaborations is his Freestyle Freshman XXL 2018 with Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage and Kodak Black.

10. “2F Big Bootie Mix, Volume 17” by two friends

One of SoundCloud’s best-known hits has got to be Two Friends’ Mix of big slippers series. Each over an hour long compilation is a perfect blend of pop hits from the early 2000s through 2021. Perfect for any party or workout, Two Friends’ Mixtures of large slippers will cover you whenever you need a good pumping pace.

11. “04 Drugs You Should Try” by Travis Scott

Travis Scott is perhaps SoundCloud’s greatest achievement. His mixtape Days before the rodeo was the launch of his iconic career as one of the world’s best-known rappers. Days before the rodeo is still a SoundCloud exclusive.

12. “I live in LA (feat KT)” by the famous Dex

Famous Dex is best known for his two 2018 hits “JAPAN” and “PICK IT UP (feat. A $ AP ROCKY)”. The Chicago-based rapper quit making music after being convicted of a domestic violence charge. Dex has yet to release any new music when it releases in 2021.

13. “PINK CAPSULE / MPC” by Doja Cat

Doja Cat is SoundCloud’s most recent success story. Starting his music career over nine years ago, Doja Cat has over 100 tracks on his SoundCloud. Doja Cat just entered the mainstream music industry in 2018 when she released her controversial track “Mooo!” Doja Cat is a multi-faceted artist who first became interested in the industry playing the piano as a child.

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