SoundCloud seizes music AI tech company to boost music discovery

SoundCloud believes the next big thing in its platform is AI and machine learning, as the company announced the acquisition of Musiio, which will help SoundCloud’s existing music intelligence capabilities and help the company to identify the next trends and musical talents.

Musiio’s technology focuses on finding B2B audio benchmarks, i.e. AI that can “listen” to music, automated tagging and playlist tools for the music industry. SoundCloud Explain the impact of this acquisition:

By “listening” to more leads than a human could ever understand and identifying characteristics and patterns, its AI allows users to better predict success, which in turn can increase their “hit rate” and, finally, their income. With its leading product suite and through deeper integration with SoundCloud, Musiio will become the heart of SoundCloud’s discovery experience and help identify talent and trends before anyone else.

The interesting part is that Apple’s Shazam takes a different approach. In early 2022, the audio tool announced its breakthrough artist predictions for the current year and said it relied on “everyday fan curiosity to tell a story about what’s next: “

Shazam discovers artists from every corner of the world, using everyday fan curiosity to tell a story of what’s to come. Each year brings a new group of artists who seem to dominate their particular corners of the music ecosystem, forcing listeners to seek out the songs they can’t get enough of.

Eliah Seton, President of SoundCloud, said, “Musiio is accelerating our strategy to better understand how this music evolves uniquely, which is critical to our success.

The company announced that it would onboard Musiio employees as well as its CEO and CTO as vice presidents.

9to5Mac will be sure to report once Musiio’s capabilities are tied into the SoundCloud ecosystem.

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