Spotify starts promoting user-generated playlists

Image credit: Spotify

Spotify’s new featured curators pilot will highlight playlists other than their own editorial playlists in the app and on the homepage.

All top ten playlists on Spotify are created and updated by Spotify itself. Although there are thousands of Spotify editorial playlists across genres and moods, with over 4 billion playlists created by users last year, there will always be a greater variety of users. . From personal playlists of your favorite tracks to labels curating playlists to showcase their artists, we’re starting to see some users’ playlists explode on Spotify. However, despite this growth, discovery of user-generated playlists on Spotify is limited.

Currently, the majority of playlists pushed via Spotify are their own editorial playlists or those created in partnership with major brands. To find third-party playlists, users either need to search for the playlist or directly link to the playlist. There is currently no way to browse popular non-Spotify playlists.

That may now change with Spotify’s Featured Curators Driver. Beginning as a time-limited trial, select user and influencer playlists will show up in the app and on the Spotify homepage for users in certain markets. Spotify caters to music lovers with established followings and popular playlists, or users telling unique stories through playlists on the platform.

It will be interesting to see how the update gives playlists, alongside their own, a boost for new users.

Spotify recently improved its Blend feature, which automatically generates a playlist based on the likes of up to ten users or another artist.

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Victor L. Jones