The 6 Best Spotify Alternatives for Linux You Should Try

Using an open source operating system such as Linux requires the use of open source entertainment applications. Even though Spotify offers plenty of native versions for desktop and mobile platforms, many users prefer to go with alternatives that have cool features.

If this sounds like you, you’ll be surprised, because Linux has a ton of fine-tuned Spotify alternatives, which let you listen to music right from your desktop.

Check out these best Spotify alternatives that provide better service than paid music apps.

Playary Linux application interface

The desktop player, Playary, is an alternative to Spotify for Linux users, which has gained popularity among different users.

This music app contains tons of features that rival Windows Media Player. Besides cataloging your local desktop music and video library based on artists and genres, it can also grab and stream music and podcasts with relative ease.

You can rely on Playary to find new artists and movies. If you have your podcast, try launching it using Playary, so you have all the relevant details, including title, casting information, and episode descriptions.

You can download Playary to your system using Snap Store. Just type the following command into the terminal:

sudo snap install playary

Note that you will need to install snap to successfully run the aforementioned command.

Linux Nuclear application interface

Nuclear is an essential music and podcast aggregation tool for the serious audiophile. The service bundles music from online sources like SoundCloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, iTunes library, Audius, etc.

This open source software service has already caught the attention of users across all desktop platforms due to its extensive feature set.

Nuclear doubles as a Wikipedia artist in a way, as it features well-described artist profiles. Users can sing along to their favorite songs by following the onscreen lyrics.

The player incorporates a nifty mini-player version, allowing you to play your favorite music and podcasts and make your Linux desktop more attractive.

Nuclear is available as an instant package for every Linux distribution. To install it, run the following command in the terminal:

sudo snap install nuclear

Olivia Linux application interface

Olivia is a highly customizable desktop native music player that comes in many hats. It can stream and catalog your local music library on Linux; Additionally, it streams content from YouTube as well as audio from other websites and internet radio stations.

Olivia’s dynamic user interface is easily customizable. As a user, you can create and share playlists compiled from various content sources. In fact, use this app to convert your app into a mini-player widget to directly download the tracks made available for free by the publishers.

Unlike many other Spotify alternatives, Olivia aggregates music based on country ratings. So, you can always expect to enjoy the new music on your Linux desktop and even sing along to the song lyrics.

Run the following command to download Olivia through the Snap Store:

sudo snap install olivia

Stream tuner 2

If you want to have a successor to the ever famous StreamTuner, now is the time to download StreamTuner2, a Python-coded GUI for streaming music from radio directories, video services, and music collections. Since it is a multiplatform application, it seamlessly integrates a wide range of end user services.

To enhance the functionality of StreamTuner2, you can install plugins and configure multiple audio players to help with different audio formats. Rest assured, the app is relatively stable in functionality and calls up previously configured audio or video players to keep users comfortable while using the app.

Use the following command to download StreamTuner2 to your Linux distribution:

sudo snap install streamtuner2-dev

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Bold Player for Linux

Audacious is an open source music player, which works for online streaming and offline music playback. As a music player, Audacious does more with your music than just streaming. You can not only change the sound of your favorite tracks, but also install plugins to enhance your music flow.

Suppose you want to restrict your music to offline folders; in this case, you can drag and drop your local folders, songs, artists, and albums to create stand-alone libraries to enhance your local stream.

Use the following commands to download Audacious on different Linux distributions:

Debian / Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install audacious

Arch Linux:

pacman -S audacious

Fedora / CentOS / RHEL:

sudo yum install audacious
sudo yum install audacious-plugins-freeworld

Nuvola Player linux

Nuvola Player is not your ordinary music player, which is commonly found on all operating systems. Instead, its uniqueness lies in its ability to serve different services within a single app. With this software, you have access to its native runtime environment (Nuvola Apps Runtime), which allows you to stream music from online sources.

Its integration with multiple online platforms allows it to truly stand out from its competitors. As a user, you can sync it with SoundCloud, YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and many more. Considering its tight integration with different desktop environments, it becomes a pleasant application, allowing multiple utility musical variations.

You can download the Nuvola Player flatpak package to install it on your machine. But first, make sure Flatpak is installed on your system by running the following command:

flatpak -v

If the output returns version details, proceed to the next command. Otherwise, install Flatpak first. Then add the Nuvola Player repository and update the repository information:

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists nuvola
flatpak update

Finally, install Nuvola Player by running:

flatpak install nuvola eu.tiliado.Nuvola

Play your music on Spotify Alternatives

Choosing your personalized music player is an integral part of any music lover’s journey. Since the official Spotify client may not be suitable for all Linux users, they can choose alternatives, in order to make their music listening experience on Linux memorable and useful.

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