UK LIVE partners with YouTube Music to prepare for climate action

Re: Start live.A partnership between YouTube Music, Grow with Google and LIVE.

YouTube Music has joined LIVE as a founding member and will work with the UK trade body to launch Re: Boot Live, a series of workshops to support digital education for concert halls and post-coronavirus economic reconstruction.

YouTube Music joins LIVE after a lockdown that has repeatedly lasted a year and a half and caused the UK live entertainment industry’s revenue to fall 80% in 2020, compared to the previous year, according to LIVE data .

As part of the partnership, YouTube Music will launch the Re: Boot Live workshop series in partnership with Google’s digital learning platform Grow with Google and LIVE.

According to the announcement, “The program has been developed to support the reopening of sites in a post-COVID world and allow them to make the most of the tools available to Google and YouTube. It combines various digital marketing topics such as analytics , online marketing, and SEO. with handy tools like event search, YouTube, Google My Business, and GPasses. ” GPass is Google’s password manager and information vault designed for its users.

Greg Parmley.Greg Parmley.Director of ILMC and CEO of LIVE, the UK organization specializing in live entertainment.

The workshops will allow participants to make full use of these tools to engage fans and bring them back to seeing their favorite artists. The workshops will begin on November 9 and run for four weeks on Tuesday and Thursday at 11am GMT.

The workshops are free for all 13 LIVE member associations, who can register here.

Some of the previously announced webinars include “Define your own events on Google Search and Maps”, “Get your business visible on Google Maps”, “Social media strategy” and “Get started with Analytics”.

YouTube Music is also providing an undisclosed amount of funding to help rebuild the live industry.

LIVE CEO Greg Parmley said, “YouTube music is a pioneering platform for fans and artists around the world, which is why we are absolutely delighted that they are joining us on our journey to promote and support this much-loved UK industry. common passion, we will put the artists back on stage and reconnect them with their fans, as we take the sector stronger and stronger

strength in the years to come. “

Dan Chalmers, Director of YouTube Music EMEA, added: “It has never been more important to show our support for the live industry, a vital part of our music ecosystem. Seeing our favorite artists live is irreplaceable and we we are fully committed to contributing to it.side of the industry get back on its

feet after a very difficult time. “

John langfordJohn langfordCOO of AEG Europe and President of LIVE Green.

Meanwhile, the LIVE LIVE Green sustainability arm is gearing up for the UN climate conference COP 26, which will take place in Glasgow, Scotland this year from October 31 to November 31. 12.

LIVE’s 13 member associations have ratified the so-called Beyond Zero Declaration, a voluntary commitment to take measurable and targeted actions on climate change, with the goal of achieving zero net emissions in the sector by 2030.

Some members of the LIVE Greens working group, like Julie’s Bicycle for example, are among the people and organizations organizing events at COP 26.

“During 2022, LIVE Green will campaign to support the live industry’s transition to a regenerative future, including the launch of a free access resource center and a measurement of CO2 emissions at the scale of the company. industry.

“This will be bolstered by industry research and expertise to identify how live music companies can accelerate their transition to a low carbon future,” the announcement said.

John Langford, COO of AEG Europe and President of LIVE Green, commented: “Music has the power to create change – and the looming climate emergency needs all of our support.

“It’s fantastic to see the live music industry portrayed so positively at COP26, and it’s a great sign of things to come as we build on the progress we’ve made so far to chart a clear path towards decarbonization across the sector. “

Founded earlier this year, LIVE is the trade body for the UK live music industry and the voice of over 4,000 artists and 2,000 backstage workers in the £ 4.6bn industry ( $ 6.3 billion).

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the UK’s creative industries were growing five times faster than the economy at large. The forced closure of concert halls canceled shows and froze ticket sales, resulting in the most difficult year the industry has ever seen.

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