[Update: 3 more Google apps] YouTube Music and TV now offer Play Store betas

[Update: 3 more Google apps] YouTube Music and TV now offer Play Store betas

Like the main Android client, Google now offers Play Store betas for YouTube Music and TV to presumably test new features in advance.

Update 5/11: Three other Google apps recently introduced betas:

During this time, we were able to successfully join the beta version of YouTube Music and the 5.06 version installed afterward. Today’s stable release is 5.05 and joining the beta seems to give you faster (and/or immediate) access to the version which is currently rolling out in phases (and not yet widely available).


Original 05/10 at 4:49 PM PT: You can register via the Play Store files on mobile or directly on the web:

At the moment there is no beta version available for either app, but it takes an awful lot of time for the Play Store to recognize that you have joined. In my case, it got stuck on “Joining Beta…” for the whole afternoon.

The YouTube app has long had a beta version, which is now being rolled out to other major clients. There is no preview for YouTube Kids or Studio.

It’s somewhat interesting that YouTube even offers a beta for music, as the service – more so than the average Google app – is rolling out features through A/B testing. One possibility is that people signed up for the beta channel will be enabled for more server-side previews.

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