You can now play songs directly from search in YouTube Music

Tap any song to listen to your favorite songs straight from the search results in YouTube Music for smartphones.

YouTube Music now plays songs from search results

If you use YouTube Music, now you have one click less to play your songs. YouTube Music for Android and iOS now offers the ability to play your searched songs directly from the search results.

Previous YouTube Music Search

Previously, when you wanted to play a music track, you would search for it using the search option, tap the song in the results, and then tap the actual song to play it.

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This required you to do a few taps before you could actually listen to the song you wanted.

Now play YouTube music tracks directly from search

As first noticed by a user on Reddit, YouTube Music now allows you to tap a song in search results and have it play without further taps.

This eliminates the unnecessary tapping you had to make, and now you can quickly jump to any music track you want.

How to Play Songs from YouTube Music Search

Using this new feature is straightforward as it is integrated with the existing search option.

To use this feature, open YouTube Music on your phone and search for a song. At the bottom, you’ll see search results that display the cover art and artist name. Touch these options to open Now Playing and start playing the songs you have chosen.

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You may want to hide your onscreen keyboard if it covers your search results.

What you get with Play From Search in YouTube Music

With this new feature, you now see between one and three results that allow you to quickly play the song you are looking for. These search results display the cover art as well as the artist’s name so that they stand out.

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There is also a three dot menu next to these search results which offers more options. This menu includes options such as start radio, queue, add to playlist, view more, and share.

How to get the new functionality of YouTube Music

This new feature is available through a server-side update, so you don’t really need to update YouTube Music on your device. However, it’s always a good idea to keep the app up to date.

To update your app, Android users need to launch the Google Play Store, search Youtube music, and press Update.

Likewise, iOS users should go to the App Store and find and update the Youtube music application.

YouTube Music makes songs playing faster

YouTube Music already had several options to make it easier to listen to music on your smartphones. With the addition of this new feature, users can now find and play their songs faster than before.

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