YouTube Music Adds New “Energize” Mood Filter on Android and iOS

YouTube Music introduced an “activity bar” last year that generates a “personalized homepage full of playlists” centered on one of the four moods, and now YouTube is adding a fifth: “Energize” .

Using an image from the Shibuya intersection in Tokyo as the top cover image, she joins Workout (person climbing stairs), Relax (water / pool), Commute (bus / train seats), and Focus (a blur). It starts with a “Mixed for you” carousel filled with a “Boosting your energy” mix. There is a main “Supermix” and Mixes 1-3.

Other playlist carousels include: Metal mosh pit, Rock & Puck Anthems, Instrumental Motivation, Hip-Hop Energy, Pop Bangers, Indie & Alt Anthems, Beats Dance Club, and From Your Library.

Overall, it’s broader than Workout, which people may have been using as a surrogate for getting pumped. As Google explained previously:

Start a workout? Just tap the Workout icon, which takes you to a dedicated personalized homepage full of playlists that are perfectly suited to your workout. You’ll also receive up to four new personalized workout mixes, including songs you know and love, along with other great recommendations.

Do you feel more serene and are looking for tunes that match your mood? Navigate to the Relax or Focus icons and you’ll get custom mixes to help you stay calm and keep going.

YouTube Music‘s new Energize activity appears to be rolling out widely to Android and iOS this week.

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