YouTube Music app consistently crashes on Android and iOS for many

YouTube Music is Google’s service that rivals other big names in the music streaming industry like Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal.

But, many users of YouTube Music app face some serious malfunctions which prevent its use. And, therefore, they cannot enjoy the service they pay for (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

YouTube Music app constantly crashes for many iOS and Android users

According to several reports, the application suffers from erratic behavior. YouTube Music constantly crashes and hangs on Android and iOS devices (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

In addition, the music player application excessively consumes the hardware resources. Moreover, the problem is not limited to music streaming, but also affects offline playback (1, 2, 3, 4).

Everytime i open the youtube music app it either freezes the whole screen then freezes or hangs and hangs after performing some function. A few weeks before this new development every song stuttered or stopped, I think it was due to buffering issues because even though I download all of my music, it is impossible to listen to a song online or offline. The app took up all of my phone’s memory because it is so clunky that it didn’t give an option where to store it before the GPM transfer, it just automatically transferred everything to the phone. Because of this I only have 1 GB of memory left on my phone, the app is making it overheat and I can’t save photos.

2-3min crash and flash a “you are offline, do you want to go to downloads”

Every 2-3 minutes (on good days) the app crashes and fragments, requiring login and typing. Yes, it is linked to the quality of the network. No, this is irrelevant because I am playing downloaded music. WTAF. Google play was perfectly capable of working offline and you destroyed it, forcing me to use this inferior wish mimicry of a platform. How can I turn off the addiction of youtube apps to online / mobile service and streaming service addiction so that it can functionally be used offline?

Official recognition and potential workaround

According to the reports, there is a workaround that helps in fixing the YouTube Music app crashing issue. Basically it is recommended to uninstall and install the app.

For anyone with YTM issues. The solution ended up being an uninstall and then a reinstallation of the app. If possible, add all your downloads to a playlist, otherwise you will lose all your downloaded music. So the app works fine now, but the app lacks a lot of useful features. Good luck!

In contrast, the YouTube team is already aware of the issues. Currently, they are investigating this, and there is still no estimated date for the arrival of a fix.


Therefore, it remains only to wait for new developments to emerge in this regard, which will be added to this article. Finally, you can also check out the dedicated YouTube bug / issue tracker.

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Victor L. Jones