YouTube Music Foundry Class 2021: Meet Latin Artists

Check out the Latin acts highlighted this year below, with quotes and more on YouTube here:

Ambar Lucid

The country: United States
Kind: Alternative / Indie

Ambar Lucid is a New Jersey-born singer-songwriter of Dominican and Mexican descent. She started writing her own songs in her mid teens and eventually put her bilingual, hazy indie-pop tracks on SoundCloud.

“For me, being independent means having creative control and power over myself and my art,” she tells YouTube. “Success means being able to do things my way while having a loyal group of supporters with me throughout my journey.” Earlier this year, Lucid signed with independent label 300 Entertainment.

Bad milk

The country: Colombia
Kind: Urban / Pop

Bad Milk (née Manuelita Garcia) has developed an audience with her soulful voice and urban pop songs. His 2021 debut single, “Ego”, was released by Latin hitmaker Ovy on the Drums, who also gave him his endorsement on his track “Angelito”, featuring Bad Milk and Colombian newcomer Beéle.

“I like to experiment with different sounds and portray different emotions. I don’t like to put my creativity in a box, ”she says. “I see music as a mission. It’s definitely what I came here to do.”


The country: Colombia
Kind: Urban / Hip-Hop

Blessd (real name: Stiven Mesa Londoño) is also from Colombia, whose witty freestyle and soft, crisp voice have earned him important collaborations. The 21-year-old rapper, who started his career in 2019, has previously released tracks alongside Maluma, The Black Eyed Peas, Ovy on the Drums, The Rude Boyz and Piso 21.

Being a part of YouTube’s Foundry class is a great opportunity for Blessd, who mentioned that “being an artist is a dream that I have always had and also something I had to do for my family. As an artist. independent, I feel free “.

Junior Mesa

The country: United States
Kind: Alternative / Indie

California newcomer Junior Mesa brings a new sound to independent music while remaining inspired by the greats. With songs such as “Far Out”, “Losing my Grip” and “Pushing Away”, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist is immersed in a trippy psych-pop sound influenced by artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Jimi Hendrix and Sly & La Pierre Familiale.

“Being independent is a mentality,” he says. To claim independence is to say: we are not the same! I will not conform to your standards. I will express myself in a way that satisfies my will, not yours!

Marina sena

The country: Brazil
Kind: Pop

What Brazilian newcomer Marina Sena loves about being an independent artist is creating a sound that incorporates traditional genres such as bossanova and funk with a touching and seductive touch. “To be an independent artist is to have determination, free will, freedom,” she notes. “After starting my solo career off on the right foot and being on the verge of releasing my first full album, there is nothing better than support to build on my sound and make it reach people. of the whole world.”


The country: Dominican Republic
Kind: Urban

With his daring demeanor and shameless words, Tokischa changes the to crush one game (and collaboration) at a time. With songs such as “Tukuntazo”, “El Rey de la Popola” and “No Me Importa” circulating, the Dominican trapera has already caught the attention of artists such as J Balvin, Anuel and Karol G. “My music has no labels,” she says. “It’s a new free wave. I’m delighted to stand out in countries that are far from my culture.


The country: Brazil
Kind: Alternative / Indie

Brazilian trio Tuyo – consisting of Machado, Lio and Lay Soares – is making waves with organic sound that experiments with folk music, lo-fi hip-hop and synth-pop. The São Paulo-based band says their music is “more about feeling” than genre. “We mix very delicate vocals with strong rhythms. It’s music to float, to fly. We are whole, happy and successful when we can communicate with people through music.”

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