YouTube Music gets ‘Mixed for you’ playlist grid view

Personalized playlists based on listening history are a big part of YouTube Music, and the app now gives users a quick way to view every “Mixed for you” creation available to them via a grid view.

The Mixed For You shelf that appears in the home feed now has a “More” button in the upper right corner. Previously, this default home carousel only displayed My Supermix, My Mix 1-7, Your Likes, Discover Mix, Replay Mix, and New Release Mix.

This shortcut, as with newer versions, takes you to a grid view where you can now see supermixes and my mixes for Chill, Focus, Workout and Energy – there is no route. Previously, you had to bring it up by switching to the appropriate mood filter and finding the Mixed carousel for you. This allows for better discovery of playlists, especially for those who don’t use Moods and stick to the main stream.

This change goes hand in hand with the recent addition of a custom sleeve that shows what artists are inside. It’s a pleasant browsing experience, although the slightly more compact grid wouldn’t hurt and promote density.

We spotted this Mixed for you grid on a YouTube Music account on Android, iOS and the web – where there’s better grid spacing – today.

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Victor L. Jones