YouTube Music Gets New “Recently Played” Material Widget

In addition to Turntable earlier this month, YouTube Music on Android 12 is expected to receive another Material You widget called “Now Playing and Recently Played”.

“Now Playing and Recently Played” consists of two lines. The first is a modernized Now Playing with the cover art, track name and artist on the left followed by two buttons. There is the option to play / pause and thumbs up just like Turntable.

The next line shows you five “Recently Played” tracks with a tap that presumably launches. A similar Home screen object is available in YouTube Music for iOS. This whole widget follows the Dynamic Color theme with the “Like” button adopting the darker shade.

While the ability to quickly start playback is handy, the lack of media controls is unfortunate. That said, it doesn’t look like the original “Now Playing” – which only sees rounded corners – is leaving. It’s called internally “widget_toolbar” and the new one is “widget_now_playing”, while Turnable is called “widget_freeform”.

From what we enabled today, the widget cannot collapse to a single line, which was suggested by a promotional Pixel 6 teaser. It can expand beyond 4 × 2, but the additional content is not displayed.

After last week’s brief preview, a launch is likely coming up that should complement the development of the Material You widget for YouTube Music.

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