YouTube Music gets “Play My Station” shortcut on Android

In July, YouTube Music lost its useful “Offline Mixtape” application shortcut, but Google is now introducing “Play My Station” as a very good replacement for those who want to start playing immediately.

Update 11/10: The “Play My Station” shortcut has been removed in what was likely an accidental deployment.

The “Play My Station” shortcut joins “Search” at the bottom and immediately begins playing “My Supermix”, which was “Formerly your mix”. As an Android app shortcut it can of course be dragged and placed on the home screen. This autoplaylist has made a reappearance in recent days with an eye-catching red cover art.

Confusingly, the previous “My Supermix” – which is part of the “Mixed for you” carousel with seven numbered variations, as well as Reply, Discover, and New Release – remains. They can even appear one after the other.

The restored original is effectively a play button and does not allow users to view the track list in advance or save it for offline playback. Some enjoy the old behavior, but it’s curious why the two exist now.

Either way, the ability to start music is great for the app. I had used a widget on the home screen to start playing what I was listening to before with a single click. My Supermix is ​​much more diverse and can initiate something new.

This Play My Station shortcut is deployed with a server-side update to the latest stable version (4.52) of YouTube Music. In the meantime, we’re waiting for Google to present a new widget, as it remains to be seen how the rest of the app gets Material You.

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