YouTube Music gets “Save” queue in Play Music playlist

Along with a new Material You widget and finally featuring a year-end recap, YouTube Music is working on the ability to save your current queue as a playlist.

Updated 01/24/22: Following a server-side update for the iOS app (version 4.61+), the Save Queue to Playlist feature is now widely available. Once live, “Play From” always appears (for playlists, albums, etc.) at the top of the Up Next queue.

Meanwhile, the “Record” button works when you start a song radio, which is one of the special strengths of YouTube Music.

Original 04/12/21: If this feature sounds familiar, it originated in Play Music. The YouTube Music version is all about adding songs or albums to your queue. Then, opening Up Next from the Now Playing screen reveals a new “Record” button under the top tabs. (Next to this, you’ll also notice a “Play from” header that notes your current playlist or album.)

From here, you get the standard “Add to Reading List” pop-up window that lets you add to an existing collection (“Recent” or “All”) or create a new one. Hopefully this will also work on single-song derivative radio queues, as YouTube Music sometimes creates great mixes that were previously difficult to record manually.

These quality of life improvements are long overdue for old Play Music users and greatly appreciated for preserving useful features.

The ability to save queues as playlists is not yet widely available to all YouTube Music subscribers. It started rolling out on Thursday, with a handful of Android users having received the server-side update since.

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Victor L. Jones