YouTube Music is finally getting a feature that Google Play Music had for years

Cast support for the web app is starting to show up for a few people

YouTube Music had a rough start, to say the least, but Google is constantly improving the service. The final feature on the “Things That Should Have Been Here From The Gone” list is Chromecast support for the YouTube Music web client. As avid Redditors noticed (via 9to5Google), a Cast button started popping up for a few people.

YouTube Music has never supported streaming from the web interface before, at least not if you didn’t want to send a full screen broadcast from the web app to your TV. This languid approach to Cast support is something we’ve long criticized, especially since Google added that same capability to Play Music even before the first Chromecast was released.

YouTube Music web app Cast button

The new Cast button is tucked away in the top right corner of the YouTube Music web app for the lucky few who already see it, but judging by the small number of reports, it has yet to be rolled out on a large scale. We can only hope that Google will follow up on this little test soon with a suitable rollout for all users.

Although the streaming service only seems to be getting new features slowly recently, there is no complete shutdown yet. YouTube Music has just added the ability to listen to music in the background for free users in Canada, and the company has finally made a suitable Wear OS app, so there is still a lot of development behind the scenes.

We reached out to Google to ask if and when a full rollout of the feature is planned.


YouTube Music is about to become a lot less useless for free users

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