YouTube Music makes it possible to repeat songs and albums while streaming

We think Weird Al’s non-stop B-sides, 24/7


At the end of February 2020, things weren’t as bad as they seemed a month later. After all, YouTube Music had just started letting you shuffle and rehearse during casting sessions. Then these functions were mysteriously removed. Shuffle eventually returned, but that was it — rehearsing while casting seemed done. Until now.

Earlier this week, there were complaints that YouTube Music wasn’t streaming on Android TV, Chromecast, or Google TV. Apparently this was fixed Friday night. According to 9to5Google, the ability to repeat and shuffle a YTM playlist, which was indeed unavailable for two years, has also returned (not that we’re saying they’re really connected).


When you launch today, for a while the snooze function is greyed out, unusable. Then it clicks and you can use it like you would any other music service, playing whatever you want over and over. Repeat works on Android and iOS, but not on iPad, at least not yet. Hopefully this change sticks in general, as does YouTube Music’s ability to stream to Chromecast, Android TV, and Google TV. For good measure, we’ll even imagine that Google brought back the snooze feature as a way to apologize for Friday’s outage. It’s good to dream.

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