YouTube Music offering a free one-year subscription

You are a real one if you have subscribed to YouTube Music since the beginning. In fact, if you’ve been around that long without any interruptions to your subscription, you might end up getting 12 months of free service straight from Google as a thank you!

A user who goes by the name Mental-prison on Reddit was greeted with the following message “It’s time to celebrate!” when they opened the YouTube Music app on their Android device. It says that since they’ve been using the service for exactly 2222 days (or precisely 3,199,680 minutes – that’s 6 years and 1 month), they’ll enjoy ad-free, offline, and background listening for a full year! That’s right, their billing date also reflects that according to comments in the Reddit thread.

At first users thought it was a scam because the grammar seems a bit off, but when you consider the fact that the bold white text was injected automatically, it starts to make more sense as to why it reads oddly. Another user points out that 2222 days ago was May 10 or 11, 2016 and not YouTube Music‘s original November 12, 2015 launch date.

So I was randomly opening my phone to stream music to my Google Home and I got this message out of nowhere. I was credited with 12 months. Thanks I guess?

mental prison

Others still haven’t received the free gift and are hoping they will be greeted with the confetti and emoji present over the next few weeks. It’s entirely possible that Google will continue to roll it out, and if you also get a 12-month break to pay your bill, you’ll save almost $150 in total, as a Premium subscription currently costs $11.99. To check how long you’ve been subscribed to, just tap your profile picture in the top right of the YouTube app, then tap “Your Premium Benefits”.

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Victor L. Jones