There is nothing better than falling out in the privacy of your own car (until you turn on a red light and realize everyone in the cars around you has noticed). Android Auto makes it easy to sort your playlists, albums, and more, but if the interface isn’t simple and straightforward, it can take your eyes off the road. YouTube Music’s current user interface looks quite dated, but a new design is starting to appear for some users.

The most significant difference between the two user interfaces is the addition of tabs at the top of the screen. These tabs remove the interface from the main menu, causing users to choose between “Home”, “Last read” and “Library” to start listening to music. It also adds a dedicated tab for “Device Files” if you have music stored on your phone locally.

Left: Old interface. Law: New interface with tabs.

The rest of the interface looks relatively unchanged, with the album artwork still sorted in rows of three when browsing. The scroll bar is retained to the left of songs, albums, and playlists, but since it is no longer necessary to return to the main menu, the back button has been replaced with a YouTube Music icon.

Left: Old interface with back button. Law: New interface with permanent logo.

Overall, these are a few minor improvements that should make for a faster and safer driving experience. The new UI appeared for me after updating to version 4.30.50, so if you’re ready to streamline your YouTube Music UI, grab the update from the Play Store below or download it directly from APK Mirror.

Youtube music
Youtube music