YouTube Music recommendations appear in quick settings

In recent days, YouTube Music has rolled out support for Android 12’s media recommendations feature more widely, which highlights recent albums and playlists to start immediate playback.

Original 6/18: These media recommendations appear automatically after connecting an audio device, such as headphones or other speaker systems, via Bluetooth. The app icon and name are in the top left corner when you get three recently played works from YouTube Music to the right. Opening quick settings gives you six in total, while the compact card can also appear on the lock screen.

A tap immediately starts background playback, switching you to the now playing controls and keeping you in quick settings. These media recommendations will remain for a few minutes, and you can swipe to access them again, although they now appear after the playback controls, and start a different track.

This is visually reminiscent of the redesigned “Listen Again” shelf and Material You widget. Recommendations can be turned off from the Settings app > Sound & vibration > Media and turning off “Show media recommendations”.

To date, these YouTube Music recommendations appear fairly regularly after connecting headphones on Android 12 (Pixel 6 Pro on June security patch). They are appearing much more widely for Google’s streaming service than in the past, while some Spotify users have also seen them. The map will likely appear full-height on Android 13, where we haven’t gotten it working yet.

Update 6/23: In addition to specific works, media recommendations may also display a shuffle button – readability/visibility is pretty poor – and a shortcut to start your mixtape offline (if downloaded).

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Victor L. Jones