YouTube Music’s latest UI tweak makes the Explore tab unnecessary

Get rid of the tab already


YouTube Music is no stranger to change. Google regularly tweaks the app to make it more competitive with rivals like Spotify and Apple Music. While some of these changes are small and may go unnoticed, others could have a major impact on how people use the app. It currently streamlines user exploration – although it may have made the Explore tab redundant in the process.

YouTube Music for Android and iOS now has an “Explore” section at the bottom of the “Home” feed, notes 9to5Google. Links in the new section will direct you to the same pages at the top of the Explore tab, such as Charts, Moods and Genres, and New Releases. At this point, it looks like YouTube Music could probably remove the Explore tab altogether. The change could be related to YouTube laying the groundwork to spotlight its podcast section, which it may need to do to stay in the race for user attention easily hijacked by offerings from Apple and Apple. Spotify.


All in all, it’s a good thing to keep streamlining YouTube Music. As long as redundancies along the way – like two exploration methods that lead you to the same things – don’t confuse users in the process, it could ultimately deliver an even better experience for everyone involved.

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