YouTube’s new SoundCloud-inspired timed emoji reactions now appear for more users

Can we just make the dislike recount, Google?

The removal of the audience dislike count at the end of last year was done in the interests of the creators, but it’s hard to ignore that this decision was a huge disappointment for regular viewers – they don’t. can no longer distinguish misleading and spammy content from the Good Product. That’s why when we heard that Google’s latest experiment with the platform was about a new way to express our feelings on videos, we totally ate it. A few months ago, YouTube announced that timed emoji reactions for videos had been tested, and now it looks like they’re starting to show up for more people.

According to 9to5Google, a new floating panel has started to appear in the expanded comments section of some videos on the platform. This panel contains five or more emoji reactions, which when tapped will appear on the current point of the video’s progress bar with a slick little animation – think of it like the recently deployed emoji reactions on WhatsApp merged with the SoundCloud timestamp-specific answers support them. These reactions are, however, completely anonymous, which means that others will not be able to tell that they are yours.


While the screen recording shared by 9to5 shows a select group of emoji on the floating panel, YouTube had said in its initial announcement post that it was testing others as well and would add or remove emoji. reactions according to the course of the experiment. Unfortunately, just about every reaction we see has a positive vibe and we still don’t see anything resembling the dislike button – a thumbs down emoji would be great to help send negative feedback if needed.

Again, this is all restricted to certain channels only at this time and only for certain users. YouTube’s latest release might enable the feature for more users than before, but it’s still a long way from rolling out to everyone. Additionally, it also appears to be more of a membership option than something anyone can see – creators selected for the experience will need to manually enable timed reactions for them to appear – So here is.

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